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Pre-order & Fabric Sourcing

Seeking something else? Bulliontex provides fabric sourcing and pre-order services, searching our networks across the global textile industry, to get what you need. Apart from textiles, this service covers fabric accessories as well, including (but definitely not limited to) buttons, belts, chains, zips, rope, pearls, and whatever else you desire!

Pre-Order Process

Sit with us and show us your dreams. What texture, weight, length, colors, gloss, structure do you want? How exclusive? How limited? Let our experienced designers and engineers show you what is possible.

  • Higher Minimums
  • Advanced appointments recommended
  • Shipping may take 30-45 days
Made to order samples
Our Process

For Custom designs, we offer simulations of the designs after being shown what you would like from us. After choosing the simulation according to what you would like, we begin the production process. Then before weaving the final design, we would invite you to our factory to come see the real design on the fabric. After final adjustments and confirmations from both sides, we weave the final product.

Raw Material

We source locally and globally! Based on your needs, we reach across our textiles networks to find you what you need from different colours, materials, textures and sizes.

Inquiry Form for Importing Fabrics
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